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October 19, 2008
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It has been a week after the vampire Incognito was defeated by Alucard. Integra has been released from the Tower and has returned to her position of power. With the return of Walter from the hospital the following day they hired a group of mercenaries known as the Wild Geese lead by Captain Pip Bernadette. Alucard had vanished after the battle so Seras became Hellsing’s “pet monster”. However due to the recent spike in vampire activity Sir Hellsing decided to hire an Occult Specialist.
“Sir Integra we’ve located him” One of the mercs said over the two-way. They along with Seras had pulled up to a flat in jeeps. The soldiers surrounded the building.
“Good move in” Integra said from the mansion. The soldiers smashed down the door and ran inside. There were beer cans scattered around the floor, cigarette pillars in ash trays, books new and old thrown about and in boxes.
“Jesus this place is a pigsty”
“Let’s find him and get out of ‘ere” a group of soldiers walked into the living room
“ANCIENT SPIRITS OF EVIL TRANSFOR-“ a soldier shot the TV and his squad glared at him.
“It surprised me” Pip hit him over the head
“Alright boy once we find zis guy we can get our pay?”
“Is that so French braid” a man said behind Pip who grabbed his braid and strangled him with it “Alright dogs of war listen up! First off you guys are buying me a new TV, second you’re gonna get the hell out of my house, and third…well I guess it’s just those two then”
“Don’t think so” Seras pointed her rifle at the back of the man’s head
The man reluctantly let go of Pip and put his hands up “Well I know when I’m beaten”
“Good now turn around slowly”
The man did so. He was in his early twenties medium length black hair that stopped above his shoulders. His face was unshaven with a cigarette in his mouth letting the smoke slither upward like a snake. He had a red right eye and a blue left eye that were hidden behind glasses. He was wearing a white long sleeve shirt that seemed a size too big and a pair of blue jeans, he was also barefoot and his skin was pale. He looked up and Seras and gave her a strange look.
“Seras?! Seras Victoria?!”
“Yes? How do you know me?”
“It’s me James! James Lugosi from the orphanage! Holy crap you have breasts! ”
“OH my god JAMES!” she dropped the gun which fired a round into the wall and hugged him. Pip’s mouth was agape.
“You two know each other?!”
“Yes we grew up together in the same orphanage. James here was my only friend there…until he left”
“Sorry about that but I received my parent’s inheritance and spent it on training and research…and the rest went to this place. Which you guys have ruined! I want an explanation!”
“Well we tried to contact you but you didn’t answer your phone” Seras said
“I was in Italy visiting some old friends for a month. I just got back yesterday!”
“Whoops” Seras said laughing nervously then explained why they were there. “Well what do you say”
“Well I was planning on taking a break from hunting monst- Seras when did you become a vampire?”
“Long story” she said looking down.
“Well we’ll have plenty of time to talk about it along the way.”
“Does that mean you’re taking the job?!”
“Yes. Hey French Braid can you help me with my packing”
“Sure.” Pip said with a fake smile “putain de imbecile”
“Speaking in third person are we” James said smirking “I should have mentioned I can speak fluent French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian”
Pip made a strangle gesture with his hands as he followed him
Across the street on a rooftop a group of people were watching them “So that’s the one the Major is interested in” a small boy with cat ears said
“Ja Schrodinger” a women said “But since Herr Major vant’s him alive ve haf to do this under the radar” she smiled widely showing her teeth
“Obersturmführer Rip van Winkle, Oberscharführer Schrodinger. Vat are our orders!?” a soldier said walking up to them.
Schrodinger’s ears twitched and said “Reconnaissance for now, but not for very long”
Okay this is my more action oriented Hellsing fanfic that takes place a week after the TV series

Translation: Fucking asshole

Please comment on this and tell me
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Let's just say it involves an asylum and a nutcase
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